Opposition fails to meet ACP Nawaz

Opposition fails to meet ACP Nawaz

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Senior figures of Maldivian opposition parties tried to meet with Acting Commissioner of Police Abdullah Nawaz today. However they were not able to meet him.

MP Ali Hussein said that they wanted to meet Nawaz to talk regarding the implementation of the Supreme Court verdict of 1st February.

“We know that Nawaz was in his office at that time. Around 6 of us went to meet him. However 20 to 25 SO police officers prevented us from meeting him. We believe that the police has the primary responsibility of implementing the Supreme Court order. That is why we went to meet Nawaz” said Ali Hussein.

Hassan Latheef said that even though they were not able to meet Nawaz, he now believes that Nawaz will be aware of their concerns and vowed to continue their efforts to implement the Supreme Court verdict.