UN Resident Coordinator in Maldives calls on the Vice President

UN Resident Coordinator in Maldives calls on the Vice President

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UN Resident Coordinator in Maldives, Dr. Makjemal Magtymova, has on Monday called on Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed.

At the meeting held at the President’s Office, Dr. Magtymova expressed her gratitude to the Maldivian Government for their continued assistance to the UN Offices in the Maldives. She also commended the Government on its laudable socio-economic programs that have assisted the development of the country.

Accordingly, Dr. Magtymova noted that the UN was keen to support the further advancement of the country’s developmental aspirations, particularly through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). She also stated that the UN was eager to offer technical and other assistance to the Maldives to overcome the existing socio-economic challenges in the country.

On behalf of the Government, Vice President Jameel extended his appreciation to the UN Country Office for its continued support and assistance to the Maldives. He also noted that the UN has long been key to the development of the Maldives, and has greatly assisted in tackling major social and economic issues in the country. In this context, the Vice President stated that further reform is required in the next phase of the country’s development, and UN support during this critical period was essential.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, Vice President Jameel appealed to the UN, on behalf of the Maldivian Government, to take timely action against Israeli aggression towards the Palestinian people. He also called on both sides to exercise restraint during this volatile period.

The meeting was attended by Minister at the President’s Office, Abdulla Ameen.