International Quran competition begins in the Maldives

International Quran competition begins in the Maldives

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An international Quran competition has begun in the Maldives. Participants from 9 countries including Maldives has taken part in the competition.

The competition is judged by four foreign judges and Maldivian Quran reciter Ahmed Thaufeeq. This is the first competition of this kind to be held in the Maldives.

The opening ceremony of the competition was held today and it was inaugurated by the Quran recitation of Pakistani Quran reciter Younus. Younus taught many Maldivians how to recite Quran. He is also a judge in this competition. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Islamic Minister Dr.Ahmed Ziyad Baqir said that the competition is an initiative of President Yameen.

He said that Maldivians and the rulers of Maldives love the Quran and that this is a historic competition. He also noted that Quran was revealed in Ramadan and advised to spread love and strengthen communal relations in this month.