We Must All Work Together For Women Empowerment – President Yameen

We Must All Work Together For Women Empowerment – President Yameen

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has called for even more support for the work towards women empowerment. The President made this remark while addressing the people of Mulah Island of Mulaku Atoll, following the inauguration of the island’s sewerage system.

Highlighting the special attention needed by the marginalized population of the country, the President reiterated the administration’s special priority accorded to the advancement of youth. In this regard, the President spoke of his aspirations for the youth to be self-sufficient and more responsible in the community. Further, he reiterated that the senior citizen were equally important for a nation’s progress, and announced plans to increase the welfare benefits for senior citizens in the future.
Shedding light on the mandated development projects of his administration, President Yameen noted that every administration must focus on the result-oriented projects, and underlined that this administration has the capability to repay the loans acquired for mega development projects.

Speaking in Mulah, President Yameen stated that a nation must adopt a unique democratic system that best fits the nation. He also noted that no two countries had the same system of democracy.

The President reaffirmed the importance given by this administration to bring development to the country and contentment for the people. He further repeated his promise to take on all the challenges being faced in the country, and solve the issues for the Maldivian people.

The President is currently on a two-day visit to the islands of Mulaku Atoll. Prior to his visit to Mulah, President Yameen visited Dhiggaru Island, where he inaugurated the services of sewerage system and inaugurated the harbour of Dhiggaru Island. The President will then visit Muli Island and take part in the ceremony to mark the completion of the island’s land reclamation