Those who want to bring positive changes to life should increase the importance given to Salat

Those who want to bring positive changes to life should increase the importance given to Salat

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All Muslims would like to make the holy month of Ramadan a successful month for them. Many people engage in many religious activities to achieve that. Some people start working as soon as the month starts. However some people do all these things without much hope. They just do it with little hope since it is Ramadan. 

There is a huge difference among different people because of how they prepare for Ramadan. If the person is ready for Ramadan, then he will face Ramadan with great hope and will aim to make the Ramadan a success no matter what. 

It can be observed that many people offer salat in congregation during Ramadan. Most of the people are praying with the aim of making the month a success. They hurry to the mosque as soon as they hear the call for prayer, that is because the successfulness of the fast and all other acts of worship is based on Salat. It will not be possible to complete any other worship without being careful with Salat. 

Others do not give any importance to Salat. They sometimes do not care about performing Salat in congregation. That shows that they are not ready for Ramadan. 

One of the most important things to focus is to act in ways in which your deeds are accepted by Allah. That can be done by refraining all prohibited acts. Allah’s mercy will be felt only then. Those who are consciously aware and afraid that Allah is aware of everything, will do everything in accordance with Islam. 

Allah’s blessing and acceptance will be received by those who regularly perform Salat and those who accept the call for prayer immediately. Those who are careful with the Salat will experience that all other deeds are also complete as a result. Those who perform Salat regularly will want to recite the Quran as well. They would want to spend more time at the mosque and do more good deeds. Hence, it is very important to focus on performing Salat on time and with extreme care.