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Experienced volleyball player Ahmed Abdul Kareem to retire

Experienced volleyball player Ahmed Abdul Kareem to retire

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Experienced volleyball player Ahmed Abdul Kareem AKA Longey has decided to retire from playing for the national team.

After the friendly match between Maldives and Sri Lanka last night, he said that he will officially retire after the Central Zone Men’s Senior Volleyball competition in Nepal on 18th of this month. 

He has been playing for the national team starting from 2004. He was also the captain of the Maldivian national volleyball team from 2010 to 2015. Speaking to the press last night he said that he is sad that he has to retire. 

He stated that all players must retire after sometime and that he believes that this is the best time for him to retire. 

“I believe that this decision will benefit me and the team as well. Upcoming young players should get the chance in the team” said Longey. 


Speaking about the matter, national coach Mohammed Sajidh said that his retirement will be an immense loss for the team. He said that he hopes to see Longey from the coaching squad of the team. 

After the match last night, the Volleyball Association of Maldives gave a shield to Longey to acknowledge his service to the sport in Maldives. The shield was handed to him by President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.