Mohamed Afrah

China wins against Maldives

China wins against Maldives

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China has won against Maldives in the world cup qualifying match tonight. 

China scored 5 goals against Maldives in tonight’s match. Even though China dominated the whole match, Maldives also attacked the Chinese goal few times. 

The first goal of the match was scored in the 34th minute. Later in the final minutes of the match China scored another goal and widened the lead.

Maldivian team played well even in the second half but China scored more goals in the second half as well.

In the 64th minute the Chinese team scored a goal from a penalty and even in the 83rd minute the Chinese team got a penalty and scored a goal. In the final minutes of the match, China scored the fifth goal against Maldives.

The captain of Maldivian team Akram Abdul Ghani got a red card in the match.