Things that invalidate a prayer

Things that invalidate a prayer

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Fathimath Naeesha Jadulla 


The five daily prayers must be done with diligence and Obedience. Hence, we should be cautious of the factors that will invalidate our prayers. 

Below is a list of things that are proven to nullify a prayer 

• Anything that invalidates Wudu; such as, breaking wind or eating camel meat. 

• uncowering the awrah deliberately ( But if it is uncovered by accident and what is uncovered is only a little, or if a lot becomes uncovered but he covers it immediately, then the prayer is not invalidated )

• Presence of impurities on your body, clothes, or the place where you are praying. 

• Deliberately doing excessive continuous movements during the prayer 

• Omitting one of the actions; such as ruku and sajdah 

• Deliberately laughing and talking while praying 

• Diverging from the qibla to a large extent 

•  Eating and drinking while praying 

Allah knows best 

( Ibn Al-Mundhir )