Do not stress over your marital status!

Do not stress over your marital status!

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Daily we face various trials in our lives. Some of these challenges are complex and hard to fix on our own. Consequently, Allah has taught us how to deal with trying situations.

Hence, the primary option is to discuss the issues; first with someone wise, trustable and pious, Second to discuss it with someone who truly cares and third with someone who has the experience. Subsequently, ask Allah for guidance. Make dua to Allah and perform Istikhara Prayer. 

The result comes in two ways. Either you achieve what you made dua for, or you don't get that at all. In both situations, the best is to trust Allah. Because it is what He had decreed upon you, and He is the best of the planners. He knows what is best for you better than you do.

For instance, you want to get married, but it might get postponed or might get cancelled as well. In another scenario, you want to get a divorce, but you might not be able to get out of that relationship that easily. In any of these situations, do not rush! There will be a reason for that delay. Something better will always follow, and it will be worth awaited.

- Taken from a lecture of Mufti Menk-