Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Commencement of Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project

Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Commencement of Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project

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Today marked a historic moment, as the groundbreaking ceremony for the Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project took place, signaling the official initiation of this pioneering project. The physical commencement of the works was inaugurated by the honorable Chief Guest, Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Mr. Ali Ihusaan, amidst the presence of Cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, and members of the Addu City Council.

A significant step towards realizing this visionary project was marked on 23rd March 2023, when Maldives Fund Management Corporation (MFMC) signed the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract valued at USD 142.9 million with the China National Electric Engineering Company (CNEEC).

With a vision to revolutionize the Maldivian tourism industry, this innovative initiative will bring a new dynamic to the sector. As the first of its kind, the project stands as a pivotal milestone in the tourism landscape of the Maldives, setting the stage for a more progressive Addu City.

The project's ambitious scope encompasses the development of 2,082 beds across 1,041 rooms, featuring a diverse range of residential and real estate establishments. These include 2 grand hotels, 2 deluxe hotels, 10 boutique hotels, 4 guesthouses, 64 serviced apartments, and 17 beach villas. Additionally, the development will feature an array of recreational centres such as a knowledge centre, mixed sports building, outdoor beach sports, and theatres, alongside amenities including a shopping block, food courts, and high-end restaurants, enhancing the appeal of Addu City as a premier tourist destination.

The Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project represents a transformative initiative aimed at creating promising opportunities for the citizens of Addu. Beyond boosting employment opportunities through direct employment, the project will stimulate the growth and profitability of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region.