No threat to independence of Indian Ocean: President

No threat to independence of Indian Ocean: President

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President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom has stated that the land ownership measures did not pose any risk to the independence of Indian Ocean, as that measure was designed only to bring in specific mega investment projects.

He made the statement speaking to the press, after ratifying the second amendment to the Constitution which allows foreign parties to purchase land. President Yameen stated that bilateral relations with nations do not have to be impacted by such changes to policies

He added that he had assured regional nations that the Indian Ocean will always remain as a demilitarized zone. President Yameen stated that as long as the foreign policy of the nation did not change, then there would be no cause for concern, locally or internationally.

President said that potential investors and their projects will be scrutinized by both the State and the Parliament. He also said that if such protocols were observed, then there will be no room for error or concern.