85 missing as reinforcements join Shenzhen landslide rescue

85 missing as reinforcements join Shenzhen landslide rescue

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HENZHEN, Dec. 21-- Nearly 3,000 rescue workers have been mobilized to search for the dozens of people missing after Sunday's landslide in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The number of missing people in the landslide which hit an industrial park in the Guangming district in Shenzhen was revised to 85 from 91, said government authorities on Monday evening.

Including the armed forces, 2,906 rescuers are taking part in the search at the Hengtaiyu industrial park, with 406 special vehicles, 123 life detectors and 30 search dogs. Ten senior doctors from Guangzhou and Beijing are in Shenzhen to help. Only seven people have been rescued.

The disaster occurred at around 11:40 a.m. Sunday after the collapse of a huge pile of construction waste from a hill. Some 900 people were evacuated safely after the accident, but at least 16 people were hospitalized, including a seven-year-old. All are in a stable condition.

The landslide covered an area of 380,000 square meters in 10 meters of silt, said Liu Qingsheng, deputy mayor of Shenzhen.

The buried or damaged buildings include 14 factories, two offices, one canteen, three dormitories and 13 low-rise buildings.

A nearby section of a major West-to-East natural gas pipeline burst following the landslide, cutting off the gas supply to neighboring Hong Kong. PetroChina emptied the 400 meters of ruptured pipe and is considering a temporary replacement.

The evacuated people are in temporary settlements.

"We are providing food and drinks, mattresses and quilts to meet people's basic needs," said Chen Jun, a volunteer at Guangming District Sports Center.
News: Xinhua