China will support China Maldives Friendship bridge and other developmental projects- Chinese President

China will support China Maldives Friendship bridge and other developmental projects- Chinese President

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated that China will support China Maldives Friendship bridge and other developmental projects of Maldives.

The visiting President made this remark speaking at the official talks held between China and Maldives.
President Xi pointed out that, throughout the 42 years of diplomatic ties between the Maldives and China, the two countries had displayed the paradigm of how big and small could work towards mutual benefit, and identified a raft of areas in which the two countries had cooperated over the years, including trade and tourism.

President Xi noted that visiting the Maldives had led to a personal realisation of the youthful energy, new changes and dynamic momentum in the Maldives. He stressed that China wishes to work in partnership with the Maldives to further strengthen already excellent relations between the two countries. He expressed his satisfaction on the establishment of a Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation. Furthermore, he expressed China’s wish to develop the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road with the support of the Maldives.

Noting that he had gauged the importance of the Male’-Hulhule’ Bridge towards the future development of the Maldives, President Xi said that China would support the project. He welcomed the signing today of the Memorandum of Understanding on promoting the construction of the bridge. He also noted that China would support the development of the Youth City in Hulhumale’ and the development of the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. President Xi assured that China would offer its support and assistance to the Maldives in areas that are prioritised by the Maldivian Government, and would never impose upon the Maldives in steering bilateral relations or development cooperation in any way.

President Xi, in his remarks, noted that China wishes to establish a “Future-Oriented All-Round Friendly and Cooperative Partnership” with the Maldives. He also highlighted that China wishes to increase tourist arrival numbers to the Maldives by manifold in the coming years. Noting that his State Visit was actually the best advertisement of the Maldives among avid Chinese holidaymakers, he assured that the Chinese Government would encourage Chinese people to visit the Maldives. He expressed his confidence that the Maldives could expect a sustained yet explosive growth in the number of Chinese visitors to the Maldives in the immediate future.

Referring to the Maldives as a “string of pearls that God had left on the Indian Ocean”, President Xi reiterated the Chinese Government’s commitment to boost Chinese tourist arrival numbers to the Maldives. On that point, he also offered his firm support towards joint efforts to further improve air connectivity and other services for visitors to the Maldives.

At the meeting, President Xi said that China would be extending a further RMB 600 million in grant assistance to the Maldives in the next 3 years, towards mutually agreed infrastructure projects. He also offered a further RMB 20 million assistance in military cooperation, and another RMB 20 million in South-South cooperation towards health and medicare services in the Maldives. The Chinese President pledged to support the Maldives in numerous other fields and issue areas, including loan assistance towards the development of INIA, building the Youth City, marine economic and environmental initiatives, maritime security, disaster preparedness, climate change mitigation, investment and trade promotion, development of tourism infrastructure, overseas training and human resource development of young Maldivian students and Chinese language education.


Full Text of Remarks by President Xi Jinping during the Joint Press Statement with President Yameen

Your Excellency President Yameen,
Friends from the Press,

Good morning! It is a pleasure meeting you today.

I would like to convey to you and through you to the Maldivian people sincere regards and best wishes from the Chinese people.

This is the first time for me to visit the beautiful and charming country of Maldives. I thank the Maldivian Government and the people for the warm hospitality.

Just now, I had a very candid and fruitful discussion with President Yameen, and witnessed the signing of a series of cooperation agreements between our two countries in the areas of foreign affairs, trade and investment, infrastructure development, and science and technology. We both agree that China and Maldives are friends who can help each other and partners who can work with each other. We have a great future ahead for our bilateral relations.

Our two sides have decided to jointly build the Future-Oriented All-Round Friendly and Cooperation Partnership between China and Maldives, and carry out wider exchanges and cooperation, so that we will bring fresh vitality to our bilateral relations. The two sides have agreed to maintain high level exchanges, and I would like to invite President Yameen to make a state visit to China at a time convenient to both sides.

Our two sides have also agreed to engage ourselves in the building of 21st century maritime silk route, and strengthen our cooperation in the areas of marine economy, maritime security, oceanic research and conservation, and disaster management. We will work hard to push some key projects, and try to launch some projects with early benefits as soon as possible.

Our two sides have agreed to establish the Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation between China and Maldives, and hold its first meeting early, so that the two sides can jointly plan our cooperation in trade, investment and major projects, and push for our cooperation particularly in the areas of infrastructure development and people’s livelihood.

China will also give positive consideration to supporting the construction of Male-Hulhule Bridge, and proposes to name it as “China-Maldives Friendship Bridge”. China will encourage more Chinese enterprises to actively engage in the economic transformation of Maldives as well as in projects like Youth City establishment, and continue to provide financing support to projects that the two sides have agreed.

China will continue to provide assistance to the social and economic agreement of Maldives as before. In order to help the Maldivian side to strengthen its capacity to address the challenge of climate change, China will provide goods assistance to the Maldives under the South-South cooperation framework, and cooperate in areas of human resources training and technologies related to energy saving and environment conservation Our two sides will continue to expand our cooperation in tourism, human resources, and culture. China will continue to facilitate the Maldives to expand the Chinese tourism market, support Chinese enterprises to invest in tourism industries of Maldives, and encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Maldives. China will also carry out cooperation in civil servants training and help Maldivian citizens to learn Chinese.

China always sees Maldives as its close friend and sincere partner. The Chinese side always respects the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity o f Maldives, and respect the political systems and development paths chose by the Maldivian people based on their own national condition. China will commit itself to establishing friendly and cooperative relations with Maldives based on Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. We would like to join our hands with the Maldives to further advance the development of the Future-Oriented All-Round Friendly and Cooperation Partnership between China and Maldives.

I would like to also take this chance to express my heart-felt gratitude to the warm hospitality and sound organization for my visit by President Yameen, the Maldivian Government and people, and also the friendship and kindness shown by the Maldivian people to China.

Thank you very much!