Requests were made on behalf of the people with high hopes- President

Requests were made on behalf of the people with high hopes- President

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has said that requests were made to the Indian government on behalf of the people of Maldives with very high hopes that Indian government will help benefit Maldives with its resources.

President Yameen made this remark speaking at the meeting held with Maldivian students in New Dheli, India.

In this regard, the President highlighted India’s prompt response at every time of national distress, and how India has always been a loyal friend to the Maldives. He also noted that India was the most able country in the region to provide immediate assistance to the Maldives, in terms of its resources and financial capability.

In addition to this the President told the Maldivian students that their acceptance to study in Universities is a remarkable success that they should take the best of.

In his speech, President Yameen also spoke of the importance of economic rectification. He said that one of the biggest and important matter is to generate an income which can cover the expenditures of the state.

In the meeting, Member of the Peoples’ Majlis and Jumhooree Party leader, Gasim Ibrahim said that every student should always obey the rules and regulations of the place they are in regardless whether they are in a foreign country. He said that all students should take the very best of their time in New Dheli by working hard to achieve success in their studies. He expressed hopes that the students will bring a good name for their nation.

Ahmed Shiyam who also spoke at the meeting said that the current government is a compassionate government and will always help the people of Maldives whereever they are whenever they are in need of help. He said that the PPM coalition government believes that it is their national obligation to serve the people.