Maldives’ Hero Vessel INS Tir in Maldives !

Maldives’ Hero Vessel INS Tir in Maldives !

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INS Tir, the Indian Navy ship that came to assist Maldives after the November 3rd attacks is in Maldives. The ship arrived in Maldives for the first time on 5th November 1988. Till INS Godavari came to Maldives on 8th November, INS Tir was working with 6th paratrooper regiment of the Indian army.

INS Goadawari and INS Tir were the first vessels that came to assist Maldives. Godaavari came a bit late because of the distance it had to cover.

On the night of 3rd November, Indian army came to Maldives via the air force and played a key role in winning the fight against the terrorists. INS Godavari and Betwa helped to capture the terrorists who were fleeing with MV Progresslight.

If the navy officers who came to Maldives on 5th November 1988 are on that ship now, many Maldivian would want to honor them.

Maldivians will always thank India for their role in helping Maldives in 1988. The mission carried out by Colonel Joshi, will be written in gold in the history of Maldives.

Hero Ship INS Tir ship is in Maldives after 29 years since its first arrival