All illegal immigrants will be repatriated- Defence Minister

All illegal immigrants will be repatriated- Defence Minister

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Minister of Defence and National Security, Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim has said that all illegal immigrants in Maldives will repatriated from the country.

Minister Nazim made this remark speaking at the press conference held yesterday at Department of Immigration and Emmigration.

He said that special operations to find illegal immigrants will be commenced soon and this operation will be conducted nationwide.

The Defence Minister said that those who are found will be kept in custody in the Immigration Remand Custodial and they will be deported from there in batches.

He also warned of legal action against those who employ illegal immigrants. He said that people employ illegal immigrants to give low wages.

Nazim said that having foreign labourers work for low wages has negative impact on the economy. He said that the government will identify the people involved in this, repatriate the immigrants, and take action against everyone involved.

He said that employers should only employ legal expatriates and should follow the procedures according to law.